LDWA has had a busy summer. For the first time in our history we have been able to have sheep grazing on the marsh, which along with the cattle have done a great job in keeping the grass down. A new fence was built by LDWA members to keep the sheep from straying.

With approval from Natural England we have also undertaken some large jobs over the past month. We have installed a new track along the flood bank to aid in better access to the marsh. Existing flashes have had repairs made, mowing has taken place over a wide area and work has begun on the creation of 3 brand new flashes. On completion these flashes will make a fantastic new habitat at the Lytham end of our marsh. Tern nesting sites are also being installed on the newly created islands – specifically designed with Terns in mind.

Sheep grazing on the marsh
Overview of the marsh from Lytham end
New flash being dug out