LDWA encourages more songbirds

This spring, during the third national lockdown of the coronavirus pandemic, John Threlfall, longstanding LDWA member, has been busy installing bird boxes. Supplied by BASC, these boxes have been put in trees along the edges of the marsh in an effort to encourage more wildlife and aid songbird conservation in the area.

The most common users of nest boxes are birds that like to nest in cavities in rotting timber and while there are many areas, such as gardens, which have sufficient food for birds, there may be no suitable nest sites as standing timber that has started to decay is usually regarded as a danger. By providing artificial cavities in the form of nest boxes we can make a real difference to the breeding success of many species.  

This is some of the unseen work carried out by LDWA members and our thanks go to John for his hard work helping support the fantastic habitat we have around us.

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