Young Shots Day – February 2019

LDWA enjoyed hosting a Young Shots Day on Saturday, 2nd February at Back Green, Lytham.

Three young members with their grandfathers had the opportunity to experience wildfowling in the early morning and evening and spent an enjoyable few hours out on the marsh.

Luke Nicholson (11) and Jayden Finch (9) went out early and despite conditions being far from ideal they did have a successful morning. Although it was very cold and worn-out from walking and struggling to find their feet in the mud, they still managed to get 2 pink-footed geese and a teal.

They were joined by Ciaran Goodman (13) for the evening flight and with conditions still not the best with frozen splashes, they managed to bag 9 teal, a widgeon and a mallard.

The boys used 12g and 20g guns and were pleased with the success they’d had. They all had a great time, as did the adults and will be back out doing it again when the opportunity arises.

It seems they are all now well and truly hooked on wildfowling, Luke has since been out again with his grandad and got a pink-footed goose, a Canada goose and some ducks. Jayden has been out with his dad and shot 4 widgeon. So good shooting from the young lads again.

By experiencing wildfowling out on the marsh, not only do the young people benefit from time out of doors doing something physically active, they learn about the environment, see conservation at first hand and can observe the fascinating wildlife on one of the best estuaries in the country. In giving youngsters these opportunities, the benefits to the Association may be seen for generations to come.


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